Top 10 Intellectual Property Law Law Firms in the United States

Top 10 Intellectual Property Law Law Firms in the United States

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Intellectual property litigation is a component of branch law which deals with the protection of the intellectual property rights of different organizations. Since Intellectual property (IP) infringement can cause substantial damage to the reputation of the brand, it’s essential to protect it. The IPs may include copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets. 

The majority of the attorneys in the IP sector work for property law firms, and they try their cases before juries, judges, and regulatory bodies. Also, businesses of different industries and levels hire intellectual property law firms to help them protect their IP. If any client complains of IP infringement, then the law firm’s attorneys will try the case to get injunctions or financial compensation. 

But since there are hundreds of intellectual property law firms, getting the best one can be a challenge. When looking for the best firm, we check the past cases they have handled, the relationship between them and their clients, and their success history. These are the core features we looked into when searching for the best firms, and we have come up with a list of the top 10 IP law firms in the US.

Top 10 IP law firms in the US

1.Kirkland& Ellis LLP

 Well, if you are looking for the best IP law firm in the US, then I would suggest this firm. Kirkland& Ellis is one of the world’s best law firms and was founded in the year 2009 attorneys Robert McCormick and Stuart Shepard. 

Currently, it’s popular for success in litigation, corporate and intellectual property suits. It has a team of about 2500 attorneys and is famous worldwide. The lawyers of this firm operate in over 60 fields and have top notch clients across the world, including Abbott Management, Blackstone Group, and Ares Management. The firm has some of the best M&A lawyers in the world. 

Besides, the company offers services in numerous sectors such as health care, automotive, entertainment, energy, telecommunications, real estate, media, manufacturing, and transportation. It also boasts of over 700 litigators worldwide who handle different cases, from product liability to consumer fraud and securities litigation. 

Notable cases include advising the Bristol-Myers Squibb on a $90 billion deal of buying a large pharmaceutical company, which is their highest transaction. The firm also helped Dyson get $16.4 million after the firm’s competitor Sharkninja implicated it on claims of fake advertising. 


  1. It operates across many countries in the world 

  2. Chance of meeting well-qualified lawyers 

  3. Super-friendly working colleagues 


Some office politics makes work-life harder for some employees


Kirkland& Ellis LLP is the best intellectual property law firm in the United States. It has enough lawyers, resources, and networks to help most of its clients across the world. 


Subject to legal restrictions, both parties can reach a contract

2.Alston & Porter

Alston& Bird LLP law firm has been in the industry for over 100 years. It has a team of qualified and expert lawyers working around the clock to provide helpful litigation, transactional, and regulatory helps in the financial industry and other industries. The firm has lawyers span over 30 practice areas, including corporate finance, bankruptcy, real estate, and tax and intellectual property. 

The firm also has offices in Asia, Europe. It has a team of 94 attorneys who have held senior positions before in the US government and Europe. It has also hired 123 other attorneys with high rankings in the UK, Chambers USA, Europe, and Latin America. The lawyers and attorneys are highly qualified to provide help in complicated litigation and financial matters. 


  1. A super friendly and vibrant working environment 

  2. Offers many benefits to employees

  3. Chances of meeting top lawyers and attorneys 


Rising through the ranks can be a hard task


A law firm with the best international attorneys for handling IP issues and litigation cases


3.Arnold& Porter Kaye Scholer LLP 

Arnold& Porter is an international law firm with a high number of lawyers, attorneys and substantial revenue. It was founded in 1946 by Thurman Arnold AND Abe Fortas. Some years later, Paul A. Porter, a former chairman of the Federal Communications Commissions, joined the firm leading to the renaming of it to include his name. In January 2017, the firm merged with another NY firm called “Kaye Scholer,” and it was renamed to “Arnold& Porter Kaye Scholer LLP. Together, these firms have nearly 1000 attorneys who attend to different local and international offices. 

Based on the National Law Journal’s 2019 rankings, the rank is 42th Largest in the US. In the global rankings, the firm is the 49th in those with the highest revenues. Arnold& Porter Kaye Scholer LLP is also one of the top intellectual property law firms in terms of operations and revenue. The firm’s lawyers and attorneys have been resourceful in different antitrust cases, including transactions, cartel matters, and government investigations. Some of the company’s biggest M&A deals include a $2.5 billion case of Kroger merging with Harris Teeter and that of AT& T as it acquired DIRECTV at the cost of $49 billion.



  1. Endless opportunities for meeting great attorneys 

  2. Friendly and respectful colleagues 


Salaries are quite low when compared to other prominent law firms 


IP firm with a team of lawyers and attorneys who are useful in high-risk cases


You must be very careful when reviewing the contract

4.Fish& Richardson 

Fish& Richardson was founded in 1868 in Boston and was an advertiser for Alexander Graham Bell and others. It is one of the top leaders in Intellectual property and litigation fields across the world now. Its success is mainly attributed to its expert lawyers, attorneys, and application of technology in solving different cases. The firm also boasts of a vibrant international in terms of its presence and clients. 

When you take a look at this company, you will realize that it has undergone an evolution since the industrial revolution period. Besides IP litigation and counseling, it also focuses on post-grant matters. The advantage with this firm is it deals with IP issues in many industries spanning from biotechnology, consumer products, aerospace, energy, manufacturing defense, pharmaceuticals, and more.

 In the year 2018, it filed over 2000 US and international trademark applications and above 7,000 patent cases. It’s famous worldwide for its vibrant network of expert lawyers and has over 350 attorneys and nearly 70 technology specialists. Most of them have PHDs, and the workers are a blend of experience and brains spanning different industries. 


  1. You work with great and qualified people daily 

  2. Excellent pay and many benefits 

  3. Casual working environment 


There is a miserable life to work balance 


The best law firm for IP issues, litigation, and post-grant matters 

5.Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett& Dunner, LLP

Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett& Dunner, LLP is among the top five IP firms across the world. It was founded in 1965 by Douglas Henderson and Marc Finnegan and is based in Washington, DC. It’s one of the top IP firms in the world covering IP issues such as copyright, trademark, and trade secret law. The company also boasts of presence in Europe and Taiwan.  It has also been listed as one of the top 100 for working mothers. 

Besides, its reputation is very high, and most new graduates apply for opportunities in the law firm. And therefore, even though the firm is proficient in other fields, its most popular one is IP legal issues and 90% of its work is on this department. It had field many PTAB cases and has more arguments at the Federal Circuit than other IP firms. Besides, most of its employees are professionals with nearly 60 having PhD while over 40 of them are former PTO examiners. It’s also strong in the trademark field, with over 25,000 trademark registrations and applications worldwide. 


  1. Offers good career growth and promotions 

  2. It has an excellent reputation 

  3. The staff are quite friendly 


No work-life balance for staff 


The best IP law firm for getting your IP issues solved. 


6.King& Spalding 

King& Spalding law firm was founded in 1885 and has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.  It also operates in, Europe and Asia. The firm has hired more than 1100 lawyers across the 21 offices in the world. It also works with some of the top companies, including The Coca-Cola Company, Equifax, Oxford Industries, Chevron corporation, and the Atlanta Falcons. It’s also the adviser for the current US President Donald Trump’s real estate empire based on a report.

It’s mainly popular for its results-based representation, and in over 160 countries, it has delivered excellent results. It has also been recognized by IFLR1000 and other authority directories as one of the world’s finest law firms. 


  1. Very efficient attorneys 

  2. A super friendly environment 

  3. Offers good compensation to workers 


Can be challenging to move up the ranks 


Good IP firm for established companies 


7.Morrison & Foerster LLP

Morrison& Foerster LLP was founded in 1883 by Alexander Morrison. It has its headquarters in San Francisco and more than 1,000 lawyers based across the US. Morrison& Foerster is one of the top global law firms in the US and its primary goals are to provide business-oriented results to clients from Europe, Asia, and the United States. 

The numerous lawyers advise the company’s clients on different industries, including IP, business restructuring, and patent litigation. Its clients are from financial institutions, technology sciences, fortune 100 companies, and also startup companies. Some of the popular cases it has solved include the Residential Capital bankruptcy, as it helped it secure a chapter 11 plan. Also, it represented SoftBank in their acquisition of $21.6 billion worth at Sprint Nextel. 


  1. Has a regular schedule 

  2. Best firm to build great personal and professional relationships 

  3. You are assigned sophisticated work for high-profile clients 


Long working hours and high demands on time and availability 


The firm is ideal for startup companies and investors looking for help in various fields. 

8.Cooley LLP

Cooley LLP law firm was founded in 1920 and is headquartered in California. It deals with many areas, including litigation, corporate, public markets, fund formation, life sciences, public markets, financial services, and real estate. This company was rated as the best law firm in the category of emerging companies & venture capital in the 2020 Vault rankings. It was also ranked as the second-best law firm in Northern California. 

The company over 1000 attorneys and its revenue in 2019 were $1.329 billion, which is a boost from the previous years. Its attorneys work in different industries, including AI, cybersecurity, cloud solutions, aviation, and even communications. Besides, it handles over 1000 venture capital financings every year, and its lawyers offer different modern approaches to advise clients and resolve various issues. 


  1. It’s an incredible law firm to work with 

  2. Great salary& environment 

  3. Office culture is great 


 Lack of career advancement 


The Cooley LLP firm is good to work with for technological companies looking for advice or help in cases. 

The biggest role of the jury is to supervise whether the judge's judgment is proper, and to confirm whether it conforms to ethical standards and avoid wrong judgments.

9.Baker & Hostetler LLP

Founded in 1916, Baker& Hostetler LLP has over 1000 attorneys and 14 offices. It was recently ranked in the 2020 Vault Rankings as the third best law firm in the Midwest. One of its founders known as Newton Baker was a secretary of war to the United States during World War I. The firm has been in the political world long enough, and its lawyers advised critical players during the Iran-contra and Watergate scandals. 

This company mainly focuses on Intellectual property, bankruptcy, privacy, and tax and employment law. And it operates in many industries and on emerging issues such as blockchain, new market tax credit, and the Internet of Things. Also, it has a couple of popular clients, including the New York Times, Ford Company, General Electric, IBM, and Wal-Mart. This firm is famous for its bankruptcy cases, having served as the representative of creditors and debtors for the Hilton Head and RCS financial.


  1. Early and good hands-on experience 

  2. Pays well enough 


Mistreatment of staff and office politics are common 


This IP firm is common among political players and is the best for emerging issues. 


Founded in 2004, WilmerHale has over 1000 lawyers who are stationed in the US, Europe, and Asia. The company is a reputable litigation firm and is popular for its intellectual property, appellate legislation as well as securities and life sciences experience. It provides service in a wide range of industries, including aviation, Brexit, energy, education, insurance, technology, national security, and media. 

The firm also handles different services, including antitrust to bankruptcy, and cybersecurity. In the 2020 Vault rankings, it was ranked as the second-best law firm in Boston and the fifth-best in Appellate litigation. Though the firm handles cases and advice in different fields, it has specialized in IP, and it’s over 120 lawyers possessing science and technical degrees. Each year, the firm acquires various trademark and parents, and its excellent representation of top clients such as Apple, Intel, Boeing, Broadcom Corp, and Oracle makes it popular worldwide. 


  1. Friendly paralegal team 

  2. Excellent work for impressive lawyers 

  3. Fabulous office environment 

  4. Lots of overtime and a good balance of work and life 


Since it’s a large firm, you will find it hard to get promoted 


Overall, the firm offers top-notch services, but it’s ideal for those looking for help with ligation.

After looking at the best IP law firms in the US, you should now be able to find your best match even if your are a new customer who is shopping for the first time. Whether you are looking for help with IP, litigation, transactional, or mistrust issues, then you’ll find these firms very helpful and they will offer you all the services you need.